Matcha Organic

Boardwalk Beans

No modern offering is complete without Matcha.  Unlike other teas where the leaf is being steeped, with Matcha you are consuming the entire leaf.  This makes a single serving much higher in caffeine, equal to that of coffee. Great for drinking on its own or using as an ingredient. This tea is packed with antioxidants and is also a great additive for dusting other teas and some botanicals. The quality is outstanding and is comparable to some of the highest quality matcha, just below ceremonial grade.

Astringency: Medium

Body: High

Sweetness: Medium

Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Brewing Suggestions: We recommend using spring or filtered water. Heat to 175F. Use 1/2 tsp for 8 oz of water. Whisk and enjoy.
Each 1 oz. packet of Organic Matcha will yield approx. 7-10 cups