Bali Blue Moon Organic

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Among the archipelago nation of Indonesia lies its hidden jewel, the island of Bali. In the 1970s and 1980s, the government implemented programs to help revitalize coffee production. The government distributed seedlings to local farmers Coffee tree varieties include a high percentage of Bourbon and Typica, along with shade trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, tangerine and orange. The Subak Abian is a traditional farming structure organization currently growing and processing coffee. The “SA” oversee both agricultural technology and religious activities.

Bali Blue Moon Organic is full-bodied and syrupy with notes of vanilla and molasses in dark chocolate. Since it has little to no acidity, this coffee may be gentler for those with sensitive stomachs. We recommend medium to dark roasts, as light roasts may be too earthy.

To learn more about the way Balinese cultivate spirituality in farming by maintaining integrity to each other, to nature, and to God read this outstanding article about Subak Abian by Putu Juli Sastrawan.

Location- Bali, Indonesia

Altitude- 3,608 - 4,921 ft (1100 - 1500 m)

Varietal- Bourbon, Typica


Drying- Sun-dried on patios