Clove Organic Fair Trade

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One of the most important spices during the Spice Trade, clove is thought to be indigenous to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. As early as 200 BC, cloves were used as breath fresheners and held in the mouth while talking with Chinese emperors. They are naturally astringent, holding antibacterial properties, and are high in antioxidants. Eugenol is one such antioxidant found in clove that is known to be 5x stronger in its ability to control and eliminate oxidative damage to cells than Vitamin E. It is also shown to protect from damage to the liver. Clove can be found in our chai blends.

Origin- Egypt

Brewing- 1 tsp/ 195F/ 12 oz, steep for 5-10 min

1 oz. of cinnamon will yield 10-12 cups of tea