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Colombia Nariño El Cielo Organic

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Colombia Nariño El Cielo (“The Sky”) is among the highest grown coffee in the world, and the small farms in the region of La Unión grow some of the most complex in all of Colombia due to the extremely high altitude, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and a climate that allows for a beautiful combination of weather and temperature. These factors contribute to a slow maturation of coffee cherries that give reason to fully developing flavors. Family members manage small farms, taking care of the picking, de-pulping, patio drying on-premises, and delivering parchment to dry mill for final sorting and quality classification. All these factors result in a very sweet cup, and a clean finish with complex sugar cane, cherry, and citrus notes. Come and taste The Sky!

Location- Nariño, Colombia

Altitude- 6,234 ft. (1,900 m)

Varietal- Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Process- Fully Washed

Drying- Raised Beds