Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Abiyot Ageze Organic

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With a full, rich body, and jam-like complexity, Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Abiyot Ageze cherries are picked from genetically diverse heirloom trees. Natural processed, the sweet, inner pulp remains through fermentation and drying, providing a truly immersive coffee experience.  Blackberry and strawberry weave their way through chocolate, resulting in a creamy bloom and finish. Brew hot, but find the fruit on the cool.

Fruit notes and acidity peak at a lighter roast, while darker roasts add a smoky dark chocolate, maintaining complexity and full body through all roast levels. 

Abiyot Ageze has been dedicated to the art and skill of natural processed coffee, so much that he takes a hands-on approach, only accepting the finest quality beans from select farms. His processing techniques and resulting cup have earned him accolades with Ethiopia's annual Cup of Excellence.

Location- Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Altitude- 6,233 - 6,890 ft (1,900 - 2,100 m)

Varietal- Heirloom Indigenous

Process- Natural

Drying- Sun Dried on Raised Beds