Honeybush Organic

Boardwalk Beans

We just love this tea! A relative of African red rooibos, this tea is sweeter and has a richer, heartier body.

Honeybush has been known to provide relief or assist with digestion, cold/flu relief, immune system support, and reducing inflammation. Honeybush is caffeine-free, nutritious, and contains very small amounts of a variety of minerals, including calcium, iron, and zinc, as well as beneficial plant compounds that have antioxidant activity. The beneficial polyphenols are xanthones and flavanones. In Honeybush, mangiferin is the main xanthone, while the primary flavanones are hesperidin and isokuranetin that help reduce inflammation and cellular stress. There is also evidence that this tea can help reduce blood sugar, as it contains key enzymes involved in sugar metabolism, as well as protects the pancreas from oxidative damage.

This tea is excellent as a primary base for our healthy, caffeine-free chai blend or by itself. It is outstanding both as a hot and iced tea.

Origin: South Africa

Brewing: 1 1/2 to 2 g/ 12 oz, 195°, Steep 5-10 minutes