Mexico Chiapas Fair Trade Organic

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Whole Bean and Grinding Options

Originating in the southern-most state in Mexico, Chiapas, boasts an above average body and sweetness, as well as nice brightness with milk chocolate, caramel, and orange notes in a rich body. Roasts best at medium.

Shade grown coffee is not exposed to the harsh sun which can easily damage coffee fruit. Rather, the canopy of trees not only provides shade, but allows organic matter to fall into soil, allowing for nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer to grow coffee. Fair Trade has allowed this co-op the development of 28 women’s groups promoting Organic coffee production, chicken farming, food safety, and health care, an educational program about small-scale coffee production, a small-scale coffee roasting and milling business that sells their product to the local market, a micro-credit program to provide financing, and a team of agricultural scientists to help members increase coffee production and quality.

Location- Chiapas, Mexico 

Altitude- 4,923 ft (1,500 m)


Varietal-  Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Mundo Nuovo

Process- Fully Washed

Drying- Mechanical