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Peru Norandino FTO

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Peru never lets us down! We recommend enjoying a light or medium roast and would avoid darker roasts to experience the medium-bodied caramel, milk chocolate, and orange notes. 

The Norandino cooperative is the second major group of coffee growers to cooperate to create Cooperativa Norandino. Located in northwestern Peru from the area of Jaén and San Ignacio in the province of Cajamarca, these small-scale farmers were subjected to the unfair buying practices of private corporations, but were able to organize themselves into new democratic organizations to build their own history. 

All of Cooperativa Norandino’s coffee is grown by family units. The average area farmed by members is 1.8 hectares (about four acres). The structure of small property allows them to dedicate all their efforts on the cultivation of coffee without damaging the aside forest and fruit species which serve as shade trees to the coffee and supply an important part of the families’ diets. Regional cooperatives such as these focus on creating credit for producers and investing in social programs on a larger and more impactful scale, using the collective resources generated from the sale of coffee. Environmental training programs, healthcare initiatives, life insurance, and educational opportunities are just some of the ways these cooperatives strive to improve the quality of life for coffee producers and their families.  Geographically, the area is located on the western flanks of the Andes Mountains and lying very close to Ecuadorian border.

Location- Cajamarca, Peru

Altitude- 4,002 ft - 5,000 ft (1220 m to 1524 m)

Varietals- Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Catimor

Process- Fully Washed

Drying Process- Patio Dried