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NOW Elixir™ Organic

Boardwalk Beans

Flower of Life teas believe we should all have a chance to Nurture Our Wisdom. This certified organic, herbal and botanical elixir is the perfect choice to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Anise and mint allow for ease of breathing, and chamomile and lavender soothe the stomach and aid in reducing stress. NOW Elixir is a wonderful morning tea to have before exercise and meditation, as it opens bronchial and nasal passages, allowing for deep breathing, calmed by soothing chamomile and warm vanilla. This tea has a lovely astringency that is naturally warming and cooling with a pleasant menthol note from the addition of the mints. 
Brewing Suggestions: We recommend using spring or filtered water. Heat to 195F/90C. Use 2.5g / 1.5 tsp of tea for 12 oz of water. Steep 5-10 minutes. May brew a 2nd time, slightly longer infusion of 2-3 minutes.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Hips, Organic Star Anise Whole, Organic Peppermint c/s, Black Currant Leaf, Organic Lemongrass c/s, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender, Wintermint, Natural Vanilla

1 oz. NOW Elixir yields 12-24 brewed cups.