Yabukita Sencha Organic

Boardwalk Beans

Grown organically on a family owned and operated farm that has been producing organic tea since 1824, this Yabukita Sencha is the quintessence of high-grade Japanese green tea. 

This tea is high in beneficial flavonoids. It contains many antioxidants, like EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), that have known and peer-reviewed, proven, protective health benefits to aid in heart and immune system support. EGCG is a type of antioxidant called a catechin that may help to regulate and boost the quality of immune system response.

When compared to Chinese green teas, Japanese green teas are grown and processed in considerably different ways. Japanese teas are steamed so their leaves cease enzyme activity; whereas, Chinese tea leaves are baked. This leads to a kind of crisp, marine air freshness. 

Yabukita Sencha is medium steamed (Chumushi). Steamed for a little over 30 seconds, it has great balance between the bright top notes and those softer, deep flavors.

Expect a tea that is light colored, with medium body and astringency, and low natural sweetness. It is buttery and leaves one feeling lively and rejuvenated!

Origin- Shizouka Prefecture, Japan

Process- Chumushi (Medium Steamed)

1 tsp per 12 oz at 175F (79C)

Steep 2-4 minutes

1 oz yields 10-12, 12 oz cups